NEUTRAL-ISM is an international and multicultural art movement, founded by the Italian artist Francesco Perilli. Since early October 2011 I'm part of this art movement. Currently Francesco Perilli is working on the eARTH-Gallery in Italy: a multicultural meetingplace for artist all over the world and a gallery for groupshows and solo-exhibitions.  You can read a little part from his "Manifesta" below. For more information about NEUTRAL-ISM and the artist Francesco Perilli, you can visit his website: (English + Italian).
NEUTRAL-ISM, is configured and presents itself as a multiform artistic movement, innately eclectic, driven to bring together the widest range of tendencies, even those that are opposing, though not for that reason irreconcilable; it expresses and redeems the malaise created by intense contemporary incomprehension and the thousands of fertile divergences that spring from the encounter with, or the forced or spontaneous coexistence of, different cultures. It is founded on the vital presence of differences.
Neutral-ism places at the center of this dialogue or intermirroring of different cultures its neutral and universal Ism in order to produce a civil and expressive encounter between these differences, which are valuable because they address, and perhaps even resolve, the issues posed by intercultural exchange, and the contaminations and metamorphoses of a world by now globalized.
It is not the individual that is neutral, but his work when it becomes representative of the universal; and when the subjected represented follows the synthetic timespace iconography of a totality that uses forms of past and future fossilizations on shapeless matter, on limited surfaces or on circumscribed forms, which reveal signs of known or mysterious intelligences.
(Established 2009 by the Italian artist Francesco Perilli)