Nathalie Guerra (Hasselt, 1975) lives and works in Leuven. She graduated in Archaeology from the University of Leuven (KUL). Since childhood she has been passionate about painting. Not being bound by rules and conventions, is an important condition for her to create. She likes to use the medium paint in all forms and with different techniques to express in her unique way the process of creation, determined by the unconscious, fantasy and emotions. In this way the style and themes of her works are both surrealistic and expressionistic.

In 2011 Nathalie joined the multicultural art movement "NEUTRAL-ISM" founded by the Italian artist Francesco Perilli. Some paintings are in private collections and in companies in Belgium and abroad.

In recent years, Nathalie has made only few new paintings with most of her time being devoted to another passion: being mother of Maxim and Mérida. There is a lot of inspiration in the air and she can´t wait to create new works.